About WC

Wild Channel character is represented by three highly -flavoured colours that illustrated and enhanced our new generation's perception of life -wild, sturdy, focused, confident and individual.

Red is our interpretation of the characteristics of teenagers today - strong, energetic and possesses their own character and personality that boosted up their self-confidence and self-worth.

Black is the other feature of their characteristics that makes them more extraordinary now and in the past. It mustered up these teenagers' courage and gut to fight for what they want and where they want to be. They are a bunch of fighters, looking for challenge all the time.

White dives into the inner side of teenagers today. They have healthy and positive mind and body and they are positive towards their life.

Wild Channel street wear collection is for the young and the young-at-heart who want to be seen as non-traditional and non-followers, and who need an avenue to express themselves. It belongs to this increasingly unique bunch of teenagers. It drives out and presses on their unrevealed characteristics.

Today, Wild Channel is the strongest and most representative street wear brand in the market. Wild Channel street wear is designed for extreme sports participants, such as skateboards for its specifically selected high quality material and fashionable creation. It is well received and recognized by many skateboards as it is comfy to wear during the skateboard game and fashionable on the street.

The design inspirations are taken from a diverse range of characteristics and background of the targeted customers. In order to express our gratitude to our supporters, Wild Channel continuosly offers a diverse line of excellent products under its umbrella including a complete clothing and accessories collection.